Spellcheck in Quizmaker

Aug 14, 2012

Hi - for some reason, my spellcheck isn't working in QM (see attached .jpg). I did check my spelling options (thinking I had the "ignore capitalized letters" checked....but I don't).  Anyone seen this before and know how to fix it?

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Melanie Sobie

I'm not sure if Quizmaker depends on MS Office products dictionary?  If it does, the misspelled word might have accidently been added to the dictionary. Type in the misspelled word into a Word document and see if it catches it in a spell check. If it doesn't then the word is in the dictionary. There is a way to remove it from the dictionary but I can't remember how to do that again. Checking on MS Office website . . .

Diane Yamashiro

Hi Joyce, sounds like you might have accidentally added it to your custom dictionary. To fix/check it, select the Articulate icon at the top left of your screen and click on Quizmaker options (it's right next to the Exit Quizmaker button). And then click on Custom Dictionaries > Modify > find the misspelled word in the list > delete > OK. Test by creating a new question slide with the same word and it should be now caught by spellcheck.

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