strCompletionStatus is always unknown

Oct 11, 2016


I am using Quizmaker '13.

Why the strCompletionStatus is always incomplete when I launch a completed course again?  I tracked the value of strCompletionStatus by the debug window.

I want the value of strCompletionStatus to be Completed if the quiz is actually completed, so I can do something to limit the second attempt of the quiz when someone tries to launch the quiz again if he/she has passed the quiz in the first attempt/launch.

Below is  the course link for testing in SCORM Cloud.  A debug window will be opened when you launch the course every time.

The passing score is 50%. "DT" is the correct answer for Q1, "11" is correct for Q2 in the quiz.  The quiz is set to be completed if passing 50%.

Attached is the quiz project file.



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Jack Han

Thanks Ashley. 

In my case,  we need to limit the pre-test of a guided learning path to one attempt only for a learner, while the post-test can be took more than one attempt. So it is can't be controlled from the LMS level.

So I wanted to control it from the course level by adding some JavaScript codes for the pre-test.

However, seems Quizmaker doesn't take the actual data about the course status from the LMS if a course has been completed. Quizmaker just initiates everything as unknown though the actual data is there in LMS.

Is there a way for me to get the real value of strCompletionStatus when I launch a completed course again? 

Thanks a lot!


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jack,

Correct - Quizmaker is only sending data to the LMS, not able to read data back from the LMS. Also there isn't a built in way to add the Javascript code to Quizmaker (such as there is in a Storyline trigger) so it sounds a bit more outside the box than a normal set up. 

I hope that someone in the community is able to offer expertise and ideas here as it's a bit outside my area. 

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