Stuck customised report and articulate online

Oct 19, 2011


I've been reading the blog by Dave Moxon, referred to in another post on here as I wanted to customise a print results from a quiz. I can follow Dave's advice but what I'm struggling with is how I can load my quiz to articulate online because I need to edit the results file and I only get the option of opening the folder to see the file after I have published to Articulate online.

If I publish the quiz in some other way, rather than direct to Articulate Online, (maybe a scorm package) can I upload it to Articulate online some other way? Any help or pointers much appreciated.

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Richard Sharples

Hi Peter

Thanks for that but I don't think it will solve the issue. The client wants the learner to do a self assessment and then print it off for a blended learning task. We think we can get the self assessment to work but without the hard copy print off it won't meet their needs. Dave Moxon's post was very helpful but I was struggling to apply it using AO.

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