Submit Button freezes on Chrome Browser


We are using Articulate Quizmaker '13  4.6 for our quiz project.  There are 10 questions, and we keep track of score, and the user will be redirected to lesson after answering 10 questions. 

After hitting the Submit button at question #10, it redirects to lesson page in PHP, but it will not redirect with Chrome browser, but it redirect fine with IE, FireFox. 

If anyone can recommend the solution, I greatly appreciate.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Ayumi and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for reaching out and sharing that you're experiencing an issue with your course.

How are you publishing and sharing the course with your learners and tracking the course?

You mention PHP, so I'm not sure if that means a web server environment and if so, how are you tracking the results. Is that a Flash vs HTML5 programming difference perhaps?

Ayumi Taniguchi

Thank you and sorry for late response and sorry for the very late response!

It's happening to HTML5 publishing.  We recently upgraded to Quizmaker 360, and it's happening to FireFox, Chrome and Edge. 

Under the Reporting and Tracking Options, LMS is set to Scorm 1.2 as Passed/Failed. 

I modified the function, onBWEvent, in the quiz_content/quiz.js file to track the test score, and redirect to another php file depending on the quiz score result.  

Do you know if quiz_content/quiz.js file is used on html5 only publishing on the Quizmaker 360?  If not, which file keeps track of the quiz score?


Vincent Scoma

Hi Ayumi,

Thank you for reaching out!

I am not quite following your question here. For the HTML5 only published output, that file is included. The results slide of the course is used to track/report the learner’s score to the LMS. For additional details on what is sent to your LMS from Quizmaker 360, you'll want to check out this article here.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions on this! We are happy to help!