Survey results passed to LMS?

Oct 12, 2012

I have a client who created a survey in Quizmaker and attached it to the end of the course. The course itself has no quiz - so results are tracked by the number of slides viewed. However, we can't find any survey results for the course - does anyone know exactly what is passed back from only a survey? (since they aren't graded I'm thinking nothing regarding correct answer, student answer, etc.)


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Bambi Snodgrass

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the response and sorry for my delay. I'm wondering if it matters if the course is set to track by number of slides viewed vs. quiz results? In this particular case, there is no quiz per se, but a survey at the end. The completion is set by number of slides viewed.

BTW, the it looks like the data is not being sent to the LMS - I have someone looking into that, just to be sure. Thanks for your help!

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