Templates for multiple response questions

Mar 26, 2017

Hi everyone, I was developing a quiz last week and using a nice template in the newest version of quizmaker. I noticed that there are only templates for multiple choice questions, where there is only one right answer. I have started developing my quiz using a certain template, but need that same template for multiple response questions (most of my questions are multiple response). I looked in the templates but couldn't find any, I also couldn't find any online.

Have I missed them? Are they there? Or, can anyone help? Its a reasonably time consuming task to modify a 'blank' canvas to match a template. If that is the answer, can anyone suggest a short way of doing this?



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Leslie McKerchie

Glad you were able to get this working David. Thanks for popping back in with an update as well.

Thanks for letting us know about your need for additional templates in Quizmaker. Quizmaker 360 and the Content Library is evolving every day, and it is a good idea that would probably assist others as well. I’m going to forward your thoughts to our product team so that we can look into it for the future!

David Mitchell

Thank you so much for the quick response and for forwarding my request. I'm sure that will help others. What I tend to do is to build the basic quiz in Quizmaker, the import it into storyline and set it up there. This allows our ELearning team to separate the  components (storyline, quiz and interactions) and develop them concurrently.

Kelly Schrodi

Hello, I am searching for the same as David was in this string.  I am looking for a 360 template for a Multiple Response quiz.  When I select Graded Question, Multiple Response icon.....all choices shown below are for Multiple Choice only.  Have templates for any other graded questions been added as of yet?

Tyrese Harris

How were you able to do this? They still have not updated all of the templates to include all of the question types. I'm trying to create a multiple response/pick many question and do not see one in my current template. I don't want to select an entirely new template just for a few questions. Is there an easy way to create a pick many with my current template?

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Tyrese!  Thanks for asking.  It sounds like you are currently using a template.  If you add any question type, you'll be able to choose a question layout from your template set.  That'll get you set up with color and font formatting.

If you add additional objects to your multiple response slide and want to reuse it, you can add a layout to the template master set.  Even better, use Team Slides to have access to that slide style for reuse across multiple projects.

Let me know if that helps!

Tyrese Harris

My question is the same as the original question. If I already have selected a template from the content library and that template only has multiple choice and drag and drop questions types but I want to add a multiple answer question that will be in the same template. How do I do that easily? I'm not sure why every template doesn't have every question type or a way for me to create a question type in the template.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Seitwerk!

I'm happy to clarify! Although the templates only include a layout for Multiple Choice questions, you can still apply the quiz layout to any other question slides. I've recorded a quick demo on how to do this in Storyline 360.

Please let me know if you have additional questions!

IT Software

Hello, I am having the same issue. After three days of use (Storyline), this afternoon the Insert Graded Question window locked into displaying only Multiple Choice questions. I have not made any overt changes to "templates" or "types" or "settings." Why has this happened and what do I do to force Storyline to display the Storyline templates for all question types? I shutdown and restarted Storyline in an attempt to reset the Graded Question program, but to no avail. This seems like a bug with the software as this change occurred without input or direction from the operator. An additional note, I haven't played around with Survey Questions, yet the Survey Questions window has locked into only Likert options. Please help me fix this issue so that I see all Storyline question templates.

Eric Santos

Hi IT Software,

I'm happy to help troubleshoot this issue and would like to start with clarifying questions to understand your experience better. 

  • When you open the Graded Questions window, are the Light or Dark options selected? 
  • Does toggling these options display the other question types? The Light and Dark themes will only show the Multiple Choice questions and the Likert option in the Survey Questions window.Light and dark themes
  • If the issue persists, try these steps to fix possible installation issues.

I'm looking forward to your response!