Third response after two incorrect attempts in Quizmaker

Oct 11, 2012

I have a multiple choice quiz in Quizmaker.  I have set it up with correct (well done, here's some more info.....) and incorrect responses (sorry that is incorrect, please review the info below...) and two incorrect attempts.  What I want to do is:  after a second wrong response it takes them to a third response giving them the correct answer. (sorry, you have not got this right - the correct answer is....).  Hope this makes sense!   Is this possible?

Thanks for any suggestions


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Jeanette Brooks

Hey Michelle! Yep, that's definitely possible! What you could do is, set up your question with 2 attempts, and then create a blank slide with the feedback you want learners to see after they've exhausted both their attempts. Then just add some simple branching on your incorrect feedback. Here's a quick look at how to do all that:

Jeanette Brooks

Hey Michelle,

Two things:

  • If the feedback popup is saying View Results after the learner has answered incorrectly twice, it sounds like you still need to apply branching to the incorrect answer of your question. Instead of branching to "Finish Quiz," you'll want to branch them to the blank slide you created. I've attached my sample quiz to the bottom of this post so that you can see what I mean, and below is a screenshot.
  • Once your branching is set up correctly, the button that appears on the popup after the 2nd incorrect answer will say "Next Question." But in my example, I modified the label on the button because I wasn't really taking them to another question - I was taking them to my blank slide that I created for feedback. You can change the label on the button by customizing your quiz player's text labels. Here's how, and the text label you'd want to adjust is number 37.

Michelle Childs

Hi Jeanette, Thanks for time the taking the time to explain further.  It has had me baffled all night, and I did have it set up properly, but the only thing I could see different from your example, was that in the blank slide, I didn't have a slide title - that was the problem.  And I have changed the text on the button (cool!).

 BUT, it's still not quite working how I want it work.   I've got it set up so that when they answer the question, if they get it wrong the first two times, in the incorrect response text box I have given them a couple of paragraphs to review, before they try again.  

So what happens, is when they've got it wrong twice, it's still got paragraphs of text, as well as the "Keep Going" button, but at that stage I don't want them to see that text.  Is there any way around this?

Appreciate your help very much.



Jeanette Brooks

Hi Michelle, 

Unfortunately there isn't a way in Quizmaker to make different feedback appear based on how many attempts the user has made. So yeah, if they answer incorrectly twice, they'll see the same feedback popup each time. Not sure if this will help, but what you might consider doing is providing Feedback By Answer... with that option, the learner sees different feedback depending on which incorrect answer they chose. Here's a bit more about that.

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