Time exceeded quiz retake

I'm trying to set up my quiz/interaction so that folks can take it multiple times. With a straight up quiz, this works fine...but when I add a time limit, things go kablooey.

Once the quiz time is exceeded, no retry quiz button appears...and when one navigates back to the quiz, the time limit exceeded message appears and one cannot retake the quiz.

Is there a setting that would allow the user to retake the quiz even though the time limit has been exceeded?

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Christine James

D'oh! Say it ain't so!!! =)

Thanks...I'll submit that.

I'm creating an active shooter scenario where the learner needs to make progress by answering questions...but I want the timer to increase the emotional level for them (i.e. only one minute before the gunman enters the school)...However, I'd like for them to be able to go through again...if they don't get it the first time....