Tracking Quiz with the LMS called "Plateau Learning" (or "GATE")

Dec 12, 2013


I'm new in the community and I need help about tracking in my LMS.

I published my presentation (eLearning module) in Scorm 1.2 and chose to track using a result quiz with passed/failed (because there is a quiz in my module).

When I load it into the LMS, I don't see in the reports if a user passed or failed.
I use the LMS called "GATE" (also called "Plateau Learning"). This LMS allows to create your own exam inside the platform. However, I don't need to use this function because I have already my own quiz in my module.

Does someone knows how to do to track the score users ?
Is my LMS ("Plateau Learning" - "GATE") allow me to edit reports with tracking results?

Thanks for your help!

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Jeremy Dourley


I have figured out how to track scores, with Plateau LMS 5.8 (AICC).  I am really trying to figure out if it is possible to view/extract data on a question by question basis.  I believe I have scoured the internet, but I would appreciate some more distinct direction.

Ideally, 50 personnel would take a Storyline 2 knowledge check and I would be able to give data to the customer displaying trends with each question.

I appreciate all help!!


Jeremy D.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jeremy,

You may want to see if there are any differences within your  LMS for how it'll operate with Storyline 2 vs. Quizmaker 09 or 13 - as I know that there were some changes in Storyline 2 in terms of what was included in the SCORM file. But as Brent mentioned, it's up to each LMS what they'll report on and what data you have access to. 

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