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Jul 25, 2012

We are a very small team of 3 trainers who deliver classroom courses on an in-house designed specialist railway engineering package. Most of our delegates however, will be external to our company. We are looking to convert our existing course to e-learning so that we can offer it to the international market.

I have been trialling some of the Articulate products and creating the course content seems to be a breeze but I do have one question about assessments.

I have successfully created a quiz but how do I track the results if not using an LMS? Because we are so specialised, our trainee numbers are small and the cost of an LMS would be prohibitive. We have also discounted the use of Articulate online for the same reason.

If we publish to CD or a similar selected location, when you get to the end of the quiz, there then seems no way to be able to email or post the results anywhere else.

Can anyone suggest an inexpensive solution to recording quiz results before we commit to purchasing the software?

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Peter Anderson

Hi Yvonne, welcome to Heroes!

Here are some free/affordable open-source options for tracking quiz results:

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Although email is not intended as a robust tracking mechanism, Quizmaker does provide an option for emailing results.  Upon completion of a quiz, the user can choose to email the results to a designated email address.  The results are sent in raw text format in the body of an email (raw text is the most flexible and universal data format).  The recipient can then copy and paste the comma-separated output from the email into a text file and open it via Excel.  After importing into Excel, you can select a "Table" format to organize the data into columns for better analysis. 

Due to web browser, Flash Player, and email security issues, this method may not always work as expected.  We suggest that you thoroughly test this method in your environment to see if it meets your needs.  For more information, please review the following article: 

Tracking results via a text file or a database is not supported. You may want to consult our Community Forums if you are looking to track quizzes outside of the supported methods:

Some of our customers are successfully sending Quizmaker results via PHP or by using a database, but these methods are not supported by Articulate.  You can learn more about these methods here:

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