Typing Test

Dec 02, 2012

Hi all

I am breaking my head to administrate a typing test. I give a printed page to students for typing want to know how much % is correct and how much time it took to type.

Is it possible in Quizmaker or storyline something?


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Phil Mayor

Bruce has posted on this in the past and Presenter, Quizmaker or Storyline are not the best tool for this and you would be better looking for a more specific solution for this

Just done a quick search and came up with this http://www.typingtest.com

you need to remember quizmaker is just just a tool, and just because you have a hammer doesn't mean every problem is a nail

Siva Kumar

Good answer Super Hero.

There are dozens of online tools available for testing typing. My concern was including one in my LMS.

Typingtest have a scorm version of typing test and I have installed and used. It looks exactly like an articulate quiz environment. So I was eager I can make one from. But your reply makes me to rethink.


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