Unable to preview Drag and Drop option in Articulate pro ,13

Aug 18, 2015


Using Articulate Studio Professional 13, I have created a drag and drop quiz in my eLearning project. After created, while preview from quizmaker'13 it is working fine. Every options are coming one by one. So I'm able to drag and drop the options. after I save to presenter while previewing it, I'm unable to view the options. simply template is visible, options are not coming. for that do I need to do any settings over here. If anyone knows, kindly help me in this regard.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Meera, 

I'm not sure I'm clear on what you're seeing while previewing in Presenter. As in you can see the quiz question but you're unable to click on any elements to drag them or that slide is not appearing? Can you confirm you're working on project files locally as described here?  

If you're still having difficulty it may be best if we can take a look at the Presenter files to see how they're behaving. Can you share the Presenter package here? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Meera,

Thanks for sharing your file here and letting us take a look. I saw the same behavior you mentioned while previewing and viewing the published output in Articulate Online. Do you have the original .quiz file as well, or did you create it directly from within Presenter? If you have the original, have you tried inserting it into a brand new Presenter course to see how it behaves there? It seems that there is an element of corruption associated with the Quizmaker element in your Presenter file, so I'd want to confirm that you were following along with the recommendation guidelines here. If you possibly moved the original .quiz file or the .pptx or .ppta file and were not keeping them all in the same folder, that could also lead to issues with your files and their behavior. Here is a bit more information on how quizzes and interactions are stored in Presenter.

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