Using quizmaker to take tests via tablets

Dec 16, 2011

I have an intresting problem, We have 15 instructors that teach all over the country. Some of the places we teach we cannot access the internet. We have been instructed to take tablets with us that has the tests on them for the students to use.

Is there a way that we can use the tablets (7" Samsung Galaxy) and have then answers for the test caputred on the instructors laptop via a wireless connections. then the instructor when he gets to an area where he has internet access can upload the tests to the LMS?

any help in this would be appreciated. 

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Peter Anderson

Hey Eric!

Sounds like a really cool job! But other than manually recording the student's answers in a separate program then later transcribing them into your Articulate content, I can't see a way for this to work, unfortunately. In order to launch Articulate content, you must have an Internet connection and a Flash player. I'll continue brainstorming, and perhaps other community members will have some ideas, but I'm thinking it's probably not possible with our products.

Eric Stombaugh

I was thinking that the test could be pre-built then saved to each tablet as if it was run from a CD. The students then take the test and the answers could then be transmitted to the instructor's laptop. I would also like to load some pre-built pre-resqueit/home work courses that could be stored on the tablet and the students take those courses outside of class and again the answers from those tests could be sent to the instructor's laptop once they got back into class.

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