Variables in Studio 13


In Quizmaker 13 I have an introducting slide where I explain what score must be acchieved. This by using the variable %Results.PassPercent%

But I would also like to mention how many questions there are.

Normally you can just write the number of questions down, but since this is a test which changes sometimes, I would like to use this as a variable.

Any suggestions?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Bruno - 

The closest option would be to use the "Question List" option in the Quizmaker '13 player options. This will not number the questions, but it will give learners a better idea of where they are and how many questions there are in the quiz. 

Another option would be to modify the name of the question to include a number. Of course, if you're randomizing questions, this probably won't work for your project.

If you'd like to see additional options in Quizmaker '13, please let our development team know.