What happens to Survey Results

I have the Articulate Suite 13. Perhaps I am overlooking the obvious, but if I use Quizmaker to create a series of Survey-type questions, and then store the published version available on a shared folder in our network, how do I accumulate the results of the survery questions from each person that takes it?

I am just logically assuming that since it is a survey (instead of a quiz) there should be an easy way to collect the responses.

Can the results be accumulated if it is published to my LMS instead?

Any help is appreciated.

Dennis Knepper

PA Dept of Transportation

Harrisburg, PA

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Dennis!

Articulate Quizmaker is primarily an e-learning development tool to be used with a learning management system (LMS), such as Articulate Online, to track results. See this article for more information on tracking quiz results.

We do send the data to the LMS. However, it's up to your LMS to determine how to parse the data. Some LMS's can handle it, while others can't. For more information, see this article.