What's the best way to break up a single survey into parts?

Jun 19, 2014

I have Presenter/Quizmaker 09 . . . What's the best way to break up a single survey into 15 separate parts in a course? I want the learner to read a few slides of text, take a few survey questions, read a few more slides of text and so on . . . but I want my LMS to consider the survey as ONE survey, not 15 separate surveys.

I thought of putting all of my text slides inside Quizmaker (as blank slides) . . . but the problem with that is that it eliminates the functionality of the Table of Contents/Navigation bar in the course player, since there will be only one item (the survey) listed.

I also thought of putting all my text slides outside Quizmaker (with the navigation linking back to the single survey slide) . . . but the problem with that is that the learner can choose to complete all the survey questions at once, without going back to read the text. 

I appreciate your help. Thanks!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Kevin,

Personally? I would use the option you mentioned that includes the text inside the survey with the blank slides. I realize this means they won't have the same navigational options as they would in the Presenter portion of the project, but at that point they should be pretty aware of the fact that they're in a survey. 

If you need to have them separated however, it really might be best to just provide separate surveys. 

I know that sounds tedious, but if you want to set up the way you described, it might be worth the extra time to set it up this way. 

Curious to see how you end up setting this up, or if others have additional suggestions that might work for you.

Best of luck!

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