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Hello and thanks for the help. I have created a freeform Pick One question. When the quiz begins there are 3 options to select from and they are pictures inserted into the quiz. I am using the 30 day trial version.

Here is the problem. When the quiz begins, it appears as though there is no answer selected. Once the user clicks anywhere on the screen the top picture is always automatically selected as the answer, this is not the correct quiz answer. If the user doesn't know this, they click on their answer but the selection doesn't change. So when the Submit button is clicked it shows the answer to be wrong. To enable a change in the default auto selected answer, the user must first click on the screen, then the top item is shown as highlighted, and then a different answer may be highlighted. The only way to change the default is to first click on the screen, then the user is able to change the selection.

How can I dismiss this auto selection? I want their first click on the screen to be on their choice. It's very confusing to click what you think is your choice, only to find out that when the Submit button is clicked something different was automatically selected. Thanks again.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Sheri!  Thanks for describing exactly what was going on.  I did some testing, both in Quizmaker '13 and Quizmaker 360.  I used a freeform Pick One, and I was able to click randomly on the screen and then select the correct answer as expected.  Let me know if you see the same thing from my example (the yawning guy is correct).

So let's check a couple of easy things first:

  1. Make a note of the actual boundaries of your answer selections.  Is it possible that you are inadvertently selecting part of an object that is the wrong answer?  You might find that .png images with transparency especially have a lot of "clear" space around the image that Storyline is still going to consider to be part of the object that you can select.
  2. What are your settings for the Selected State?  Are they set up so that the learner can see their selection clearly?
    Also, just double check your correct answer selection.
  3. Are you seeing this behavior in any certain environment, or does it happen across the board?  I'm thinking about Preview, versus published output; one browser versus another; Flash or HTML5 output...  You can view the Studio '13 supported browsers for the different outputs here.

If it doesn't seem like any of the above suggestions are out of whack, can you share your project file with us for review?  We're happy to help test it out!