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Mar 16, 2012

Hi David,

Here is the link on how I utilize the zoom feature: http://eastudies27.articulate-online.com/4290399734

Ideas and suggestions are always treasured!

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Widya and David,

Thanks so much for these 2 posts. Widya, I feel like I missed a beat (clicked on your link in the first post here). What was this quiz review for? What grade level? How are you using it? Cool!

David, I learned a lot by going to the link you suggested. I especially like the picture hint idea. It's so neat and clean... and very easy...great directions by Dave Moxon. I do have a question. This WAS easy to create, but what would the recommended "screen shot" size be.

I used a screen shot (using Snagit) of some "hint" text in Word and zoomed word in. The actual ping file was 205x53 pixels (2.14 x .55 inches) at 96 dpi (my monitor's setting), and 157 kb.

But there must be some suggested measurements?

Widya, I wasn't sure what your question meant about only seeing the zoom button. If you're referring to the Picture hint and you're not sure how it works, I'd be happy to create a Screenr to demonstrate. Just say the word!

Thanks to you both.

Widya  Y

Hi Rebecca,

Basically I wanted to show and share that what David has posted about adding video to Quizmaker really works and helps me to vary my quizzes.

Actually, what you watched is only a sample I have been experimenting. In actual quizzes I have constructed, I used a part of a lecture video presentation taken from iTunes.

I have been venturing on using musical video clip to to support a reading passage, as I did with the sample, with the expectation

that the students may not get bored easily and they can replay the video or stop it if it interferes with their concentration.

Rebecca, I will be very happy if you can show me how to hide the file and only the zoom button visible! Thanks!

David Anderson

Hi Becky -

If you want your zoom image to fill your slide, your image should be 720x540. The image can be larger than 720x540, but if you want it to fill the entire slide it will need to at least 720x540 and a 4:3 aspect ratio.

If you went larger, say 800x600, the image would resize to 720x540 since that's the largest slide area you can use. You can use 72ppi or 96ppi.

Since zoom picture resizes your images, the image sizes you use are different than the optimum image sizes for non-zoomed images as listed in this job aid.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Widiya and David,

Widya, what age level are your students? They're lucky to have someone so invested in engaging them!

I've created a Screenr of how to do the Picture hint with only the zoom button visible initially. You can find it here: https://player.vimeo.com/video/204933866

David, I didn't necessarily want to fill the slide with the zoom image, only create a hint that would display when individuals clicked on it. I wasn't sure if there were some specs that should be followed when doing that. Thanks for the link to the job aid.

Time to go out for a walk in this gorgeous weather!

Widya  Y

Hi Rebecca,

Thank you for your help, complement and support!!  I appreciate everything so much!

I am an ESL tutor, running a small English course in Jakarta, with some friends.

My students are from grade 9 to 12 and some are university students and employees. Our job is simply to prepare them to study abroad, so we are basically doing EAP focusing on TOEFL, IELTS and SAT.

I have been in this field for approximately 30 years.... yes... that long! and for the last  15 years I guess, I have been dreaming

to do what I am doing now. I started with Author Plus, dropped some similar programs including Lectora, Adobe Captivate,

because it was so time consuming to master. Ironically (?), two years ago, I attended a seminar for Lectora in Singapore,

and that was the time somebody told me that Articulate might be what I needed despite my limited IT knowledge. So, I started

browsing and here I am! very happy to use Articulate and this Forum and the staff are so helpful!! Thanks to you all!

Waiting eagerly for the new Articulate and Storyline!!!

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Widya,

Glad it helped . I volunteer teach ESOL on Saturday mornings. Currently, the Learners are from Haiti, Cape Verde, Tanzania, and Italy. Would love to know more about how you're using Articulate, although we currently have no funding (pay for all materials on our own)...so there's no place to put any content. But still interested. Perhaps we could share via Articulate inboxes?

Widya  Y

Hi Rebecca,

I am glad that at last there is someone in the forum who is in ESL because I figure out that most of the participants are

writing for corporate trainings.

Now, about inbox, forgive me if I have to ask you more what and how.

We also have  very limited fund, so we need free graphics, videos, music etc.  Microsoft helps.

At the moment I am still using QuizMaker (heavily) because I can put videos, give quiz, reading passages (as you have seen in my sample shared). Since the nature of our course is for EAP, we dont do conversation but concentrating on grammar, reading, academic listening and essay writing.

Are your students children, teenagers or adults?

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