16:9 (Widescreen) Aspect Ratio Changed to 4:3 (Standard)

Oct 05, 2018

When importing a PowerPoint into Storyline 3, the slides show as widescreen on the "Insert Slides" screen, however after the slides are inserted to the project the slides are now in 4:3.  Changing the scene back to 16:9 causes the images and text to become distorted.

There doesn't seem to be any consistency to this happening.  Sometimes it will occur with the same lessons, sometimes it own.  Closing and opening Storyline will sometimes correct it, but not guaranteed.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Douglas.  Storyline defaults to 720 pixels wide by 540 pixels high (4:3).  If you're importing from PowerPoint or any project where the slide size differs, open a new project in Storyline first, and change the story size.  Once you have the size set, import the slides from the other project.

Let me know if you're seeing inconsistency with that process!

Katie Riggio

Hello, Dan. Happy first post!

Do you have any content in the file? If not, it can be tricky to spot a difference between the two sizes in Story View.

Check out this short video demo, and here's a great resource on the topic: Setting Your Slide Size in Storyline 360.

I'll link the published output of both story sizes below if you'd like to test drive them:

Let me know if you see something different happening with your course!

Dan  Schop

Thank you for your help, I don't know what I was doing wrong the first time around, but I was able to get it to change...I did have content in the file, which is how I was able to easily recognize that the background was not resetting, but for whatever reason the first time I attempted to adjust the story size, the adjustment wouldn't take.

All good now, and I really appreciate your help!

Dan Schop

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Leslie McKerchie

No worries from our perspective. I just wanted to be sure you were aware.

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