2 Category Multi-Choice Question

May 15, 2019

I have created a free-form question slide set using the Pick Many option. However, I have the answers set under 2 categories and want the users to only select 1 answer from each category. I also have this question slide set with 2 attempts.  I'd like a pop-up (layer) to appear immediately if the user selects more than one answer under each of the categories but I am totally stumped how to accomplish this. I don't want to wait for the pop-up to appear when they click Submit as that will affect the number of attempts.

I set 2 number variables (one for each category) and have it set to add 1 to each variable when users click the answer options under each category.  I was trying to set a trigger to show the pop-up layer if either of the number variables are greater than 1. However, I don't see a way to do that. 

I'm sure there is an easy fix, but I'm having an "old-timers" moment.  I've included several images showing the slide, the layer I want to appear if they select more than 1 answer under each category, and an image of the triggers to add 1 to each checkbox for each category.

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Kimberly Lococo

Hi Wendy,
So sorry! I just realized I didn't hit the REPLY button when I posted my file yesterday so I don't know if you got notified. I created 2 number Variables for this slide - one for each column. I would like the Important layer to appear if the user clicks more than one option under each column before they click Submit and get hit with an Attempt.

Thanks so much


Kimberly Lococo

Thanks so much Phil!

I use Button Sets all the time but NEVER thought of using for a questions slide. Great idea!

Regarding the radio buttons, I'm not sure how I would do that since in reality, this is a multiple answer question rather than a single answer. I used the Freeform option when creating this. How would I add 2 sets of single answers to a single slide?

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