2012 thanks to Articulate Support/Dev Team - whoever u are...

Dec 22, 2012

I just wanted to say THANKS to everyone "behind the scenes" at Articulate, people who work on ALL products, not just Storyline).

There are some people that we see and hear every day like Jeanette, David, Tom, Arlyn, Magnus etc; there are the visible support staff who post here like Peter and Christine, but then there are also a whole raft of people who sit in the organisation supporting, planning, selling (hi Don!), advertising and developing. I would like to say "thanks" on behalf of me, and anyone else who can't make it today.

You guys in Dev have created something new, something that allows we, (your customers), to delight OUR customers. I would not say it is "effortless", and of course, we would all like a version update per month, and spot releases every week, however, we know that is impractical and fanciful. Keep on doing what you do please. It's pretty damned good, allows me to make my clients very happy indeed.

I spent 15 years in technical application Support, I know what it's like, (especially after a new product launch). I know that it feels relentless, but (in my experience anyway), you guys remember that while it's only 1:100+ problems for you, it is 100% of my problems. We get solutions, from you as well as the Forums, and I know that Support also drives innovation and product development, so please keep on doing what you do. You do it well.

I bet it's been a crazy 2012 for you all, and with Studio '13 coming up, (and Storyline Release 2?), I would make a prediction that 2013 will be just as/more crazy. 

Many thanks - to everyone.

Have a great Christmas break, have a great New Year, let's all have a great 2013.


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Chat54 .

Bruce is absolutely right what a team Articulate are!  You are light years ahead of any other software or IT technology provider I have worked with and your level of support seems to know no bounds. I have not spent much time in the forums due to other things going on in my little life, (fighting a second outbreak of the magic “C”) however I would like to wish both the front of house and the guys and girls who we never see a Happy Christmas and what we all hope will be an exciting and prosperous new year. Please do not sacrifice your company ethos as it works for me and I suspect many others, well done Articulate!

I was also pleased to witness history with Phil agreeing with Bruce twice in one day, small things are often the best.

I would also like to say thank you , to all the Super Hero’s, never quite sure where you find the time and the motivation, but you do and we all benefit! Chat54

Phil Mayor

Bruce Graham said:

Chat54 . said:

I was also pleased to witness history with Phil agreeing with Bruce twice in one day, small things are often the best.

...it happens on a regular basis, just not in public


merry Christmas Bruce, thanks for all your help and support  this year. Bruce is invariably right most of the time

Adebare Showemmo

Bruce! thanks for those kind words for those behind the screens in Articulate but I will also like to say big thanks to hundreds of articulate users who are willing to share their problems and know how(s) to other users. I can tell you articulate products have changed my career from just being a BSc/Ed in Geography education to  an e-learning analyst to one of the leading consulting firm in Africa.

I will say merry xmas to everybody here from the heart of Lagos in Nigeria and I hope to see you guys with great things to change the landscape of learning technologies in 2013.

Wishing you happy new year in advance!   

Natalia Mueller

Here here!! Nicely said. It's truly a phenomenal team that deserves to know how much they are appreciated.

One day I was sweating bullets trying to get an issue resolved in time to meet my deadline. My husband who is a developer was looking over my shoulder while I had an exchange with Articulate Support. His jaw literally dropped and he said "I've never seen support like that."  Neither have I.  Thank you so much for setting such an exceptional standard.


Diana Myers

Thanks for getting the ball rolling Bruce! 

Many, MANY thanks to everyone at Articulate!  I've used a variety of authoring tools over the last several years, but in the short 2 months I've started using Articulate, it feels like home.  On a daily basis I'm overwhelmed with the amazing talents of and support from everyone at Articulate.  I can't begin to imagine how hard you work behind the scenes to make it all look so fantastic - and I know everyone appreciates it more than you know!  Happiest of New Years to You All!

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