360 Image Not Rendering Correctly

Feb 06, 2023

I’m trying a 360 image for the first time.  I downloaded an image from pixexid.com and when I insert the image into my Storyline project, I get a message that the image might not render correctly and for best results to usage an image with a 2:1 aspect ratio.  Are the 360 images on pixexid.com not set at the correct aspect ratio or is this a setting on my computer that I can change?

I inserted the 360 image and it’s zoomed in way too far for me use.  Is there something I can do to use the image?  Is there a way for me to view or change the aspect ratio of a 360 prior to downloading? 

Thank you for any help you can provide on using 360 images in Storyline.

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John Morgan

Hi Kristine,

I'm sorry you are having this issue with 360-degree images! I can't really speak to the quality of the images on pixexid.com but I have an article with some information and tips on creating your own 360° images:

I hope this helps!


Kristine Lowry

Hi John,

Thank you for testing images from Pixexid.  Attached are the two images I downloaded from Pixexid and my Storyline project where I inserted them.  

Other than inserting the 360 images I have done nothing with them in Storyline.


Thank you for looking into this for me.  I appreciate all the support provided by the Articulate team.

Eric Santos

Hi Kristine,

I'm happy to chime in! Russell is correct, I confirmed that the images are not 360° images based on the guidelines here:

Criteria Sample Images
1. The image is distorted The images are not distorted when viewed.
2. The image has a 2:1 aspect ratio The images have a width and height of 5760x3840, which is not a 2x1 aspect ratio.
3. Upload it to Storyline 360 Uploading it to Storyline returns an error.


If you have time to watch it, I prepared a 5-minute Peek recording for you to explain these in detail.

I recommend downloading 360° images from Pixexid for your Storyline projects. Let me know if that helps!

Kristine Lowry

Thank you, Russell and Eric!

Eric the Peek recording was very helpful.  I am not able to find a 360 image that fits what I was looking for on Pixexid. It did give me an idea on how I can accomplish the same thing by using a flat image to start.

I appreciate all of you sharing your knowledge!