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Jul 02, 2015

As I was looking at some photos of our last trip to Italy, and thought what better way to "zoom in" on some great artwork.

Michaelangelo and I encourage your feedback.



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David Anderson

More challenge goodness, Karen! Your trip photos look amazing! Nice touch adding the external links to the photos.

I noticed the slider felt a little erratic in a few places. Any chance you could post the source file so I could take a look?

Recap updated: https://community.articulate.com/articles/image-sliders-slideshows-galleries#KarenLoftus

Karen Loftus

Three things...

1) I'm getting a 404 on the link above.  Can you replace it with this new update?

2) Is uploading the .STORY source file here as simple as "adding attachment" or does it need to be added to the DropBox/GoogleDrive... site first?

3) I realized in this original upload the eractic nature was based on my design. Here's my learning re: sliders...

I was trying to get the slider to work on 3 layers with a blurred photo overlaid onto each layer's background.  When I did that, the slider wouldn't show through.  So... I did a work around and put the slider on different pages, requiring multiple sets of sliders.  It was a mess.

I redid the entire thing. Not as visually appealing, but the slider is now on the bottom; I added a translucent background to allow the photos to pop (vs the preferred blurred effect); and I have 3 layers (the 3 photos) that work.

Is there another way to get the slider to show through to the layers?  Maybe tweaking the Slide Layer Properties "visibility" to allow for the slider to remain visible?



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