A Basic Storyline 2 Prototype For Changing Expressions Of An Illustrated Character With Rollover Buttons (With Source File)

Nov 15, 2015


Click on the image to play the demo.
Or, use this link:     http://beutnermedia.com/story/expressions-03c/story.html

Basic prototype demonstrations can have great learning value. Storyline 2 allows you to create amazingly simple feedback through "change of state of character expressions". When you use a Storyline illustrated character, like this female character, in one of your Storyline 2 projects, you have the option to use 11 different expressions or "states". 

Providing simple visual feedback with characters can be very useful if you intend to create educational applications for young children... and adults!

In this example, just move your mouse over the buttons as "rollovers" by "rolling" your mouse over the buttons. When you do, the expressions of the illustrated character changes. 

Basically, this Storyline 2 example demonstrates "rollovers" of buttons to change the expression ("state") of an illustrated character. Even though this looks simple, this feature can be amazingly practical and effective in instructional design.

You are welcome to modify the source file.

Demo:   http://beutnermedia.com/story/expressions-03c/story.html

Storyline 2 Source File:   http://beutnermedia.com/story/expressions-03c/Source/expressions--03c.story


Mike Beutner
Faculty Webpage: http://ulm.edu/~beutner/index.html

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