Ability to Carry Information over to subsequent Modules?

Mar 27, 2017

I am very inspired by the recent gamification webinar - I think I actually now know what that means. [I am really looking forward to the variable series coming up to help with my gamification efforts]. Until this series begins, I wonder if anyone knows if there is a way to have badges, coins, picked up items with "special powers" in one module carry over to subsequent storyline 360 modules. I would love to encourage my learners to try to not skip modules but instead do them in sequence and on time. This sounds like a way to do that by giving those that follow the course completely - special perks but also still allows those who do not - the ability to complete any module. Hopefully this makes sense to you. Thank you for your help.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Robin!

I'm so excited that you are going to give gamification a try! It's such a great way to increase motivation and engagement in your students--plus, it makes learning more fun!

In case you hadn't run across this already, I wanted to point you to Everything You Need to Know About Gamification in E-Learning. There you'll find techniques, tutorials, examples, and free downloads! And for even more gamification goodies, check out this 40+ Gamification Examples in E-Learning.

I'm sure other folks will chime in with their tips and ideas, but hopefully the resources I linked will get you started!

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