Accessibility and layers

Nov 17, 2023

Hi all, I had thought that Storyline was screen-reader compliant before April 2023 but now I am reading that if you use regular layers (not marked as dialogue) that it causes problems? And that feedback layers also cause problems if you don't choose the new accessible masters from April 2023 release? If these statements are true, can you confirm if there is an easy way to change over all regular layers to dialogues and feedback layers to accessible ones, or do I have to do it manually to courses not created with that in mind?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Anne!

The creation of Storyline 360 courses met WCAG conformance, which includes screen reader users, before an update was released in April 2023. We are consistently making improvements to create a better experience, so some enhancements are simply that; meant to create a better experience but not imply the previous experience was wrong or non-conforming.

Both regular layers and dialog layers can be accessible, so if you’ve built standard layers already that are working as intended, then I wouldn’t say it is urgent to switch those layers to dialog layers. However, if you are interested in switching standard layers to dialog layers, then this would be an instance where you would update Storyline 360 and make changes to the course in the newest version of Storyline 360.

If you’d like to easily switch layers from standard to dialog, then you can do that right within slide view. I’ve created a quick Peek sharing how simple this is!

If you’re running into any issues with your current layers, please let me know and we can troubleshoot that!