Accessibility Focus Indicator is showing a hotspot in the wrong spot

Oct 12, 2021

Hi,  I am working on a software simulation course that requires the learner simulate pasting copied text into a window using CTRL+V.  I am having them do this by changing the state of the image to normal by pressing CTRL+V after clicking on a hotspot.  When only using the keyboard to navigate through the course.  The Accessibility focus indicator puts the indicator for the hotspot in the upper left corner instead of the middle of the screen where it is.  I am including an example of one of the slides in my course that does it.  It happens on other slides in the course too that use the same actions.  The learner also has the option to right-click and click on a hotspot on paste.  That works.  It is the using the keyboard only piece that is not.  Thank you. 

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Wendy.

Thank you for opening a support case with our engineers!

I see you're working with my teammate Cleo, who identified and logged this issue as a bug related to using hotspots combined with the trigger when the user right-clicks

We'll reach out through the case as soon as we have news to share!