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May 14, 2019

I've found the following problems with the accessibility of Storyline 360. Does anyone have suggestions for addressing them or workarounds?

1. Items in the Resources pop-up (these are set up in the Player) cannot be selected using the keyboard only. The item is highlighted when I Tab to it, but it I cannot select it with either the space bar or Enter.

2. If you have a menu with multiple levels, JAWS screen reader does not read the menu items correctly as I arrow down through them. After reading several items correctly in the menu, the screen reader starts to re-read text from items at the top of the menu rather than voicing the item that has current focus.

3. When posing a question, if an answer is required and the user does not provide one before selecting Submit, a pop-up appears titled "Invalid Answer" and text "You must complete the question before submitting". JAWS will not read the title or text in this pop-up dialog. It does read the OK button.

I have students enrolled in this upcoming course that use a screen reader. I need to have everything accessible to screen reader and keyboard-only navigation/operation. 

Thanks for your help!


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Sharon! Thanks for reaching out about the accessibility issues you're seeing in Storyline 360. Let's tackle each of these individually.

Issue 1:  Links or documents in the Resource tab are not accessible. 
We're seeing the same thing, especially in the Modern Player. However, this isn't a problem in the Classic Player. Our team is looking into this bug, and I'll keep you posted on any new developments.

Issue 2:  JAWS misreads the slide title in the course menu. 
We have also logged this problem as a software bug. As we know more, we'll pass the information along to you.

Issue 3: JAWS does not read Invalid Answer text.  
This is another bug that only affects the Modern Player. JAWS does read the Invalid Answer text in the Classic player. We'll be sure to update you on our progress with this bug, as well.

Encora -  Development Team

I've found the following problems with the accessibility of Storyline 3 latest version. 

  • Tab sequencing will not be working properly.
  • Random - Browser default text is playing anywhere in the screen.
  • When we jump to the NEXT Screen, Tab focus does not remain at initial stage.
  • Captions for images is not supported in Storyline.
  • “Review Assessment”: We are able to select/deselect an option & take an assessment again when we navigate through the Tab. 

We have tested the course on Window 7 Chrome and IE11. Both browser doesn’t behave as expected for accessibility of storyline courses.

We have use the JAW version 2018(Build 1712.10ILM).

Thanks for your help!


Lauren Connelly

Hi C-Tech!

Thank you for bringing these to our attention! We have logged a bug where the tab order is inconsistent on layers. Is that what you're noticing with the tab sequencing not working properly? If so, we found the fix was to uncheck "Prevent the user from clicking on the base layer".

For the other issues you've stated, I don't see any known issues. Are you able to share a Peek of what you're noticing? From there we will begin troubleshooting!

Encora -  Development Team

Hi Lauren,

Thanks for your suggestion!

We have checked the setting in SL3 and SL360 but still not working in our case.

We have use the paragraph animation for single text box. First time tab sequencing work properly but after tabbing continually tab move to the last bullet point of the paragraph and read bullets points in reverse order.  

I have attached the publish output and story file for your reference.

Thanks for your help!


Lauren Connelly

Hi C-Tech!

Thank you for sharing this! I see exactly what you've mentioned. The tab order is correct until it returns back to the Paragraph and goes from the bottom to the top.

We do have an active bug report for this interaction, so I'm going to add your comments and file.

In the meantime, I'd like our team to see if there is a workaround for this bug. I've started a case for you so that our team can contact you directly. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi everyone,

Thank you all for continuing to share the crucial need for creating accessible content for all learners. While more work remains, we're at a point where we're confident the job done so far delivers meaningful real-world improvements for learners with accessibility needs.

I've included links below where you can find all the details on what this means for Storyline 360 Update 36:

You'll also see our general FAQ on accessibility in Articulate 360 tools here.

This release makes it significantly easier for those users to perceive, operate, and understand content published with Storyline, while opening up more choices of the browser, assistive technology, and devices for the first time. Learners will benefit from the vast majority of these improvements, even when the course author is not designing their course for accessibility. 

If you have any questions or concerns, let us know here or reach out to our Support team. We know there is more to do, so we'll continue to keep you posted about future releases.

Lauren Connelly

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to share that we've released accessibility enhancements for Storyline 3!

Included in this update is the fix for a bug where animations were out of order when tabbing through paragraphs in a textbox. You can find a list of all other additions here.

Now all you need to do is download Storyline 3 (Build 3.10.22406.0)!

Sasha Malone

Hi there, I am using the latest version of NVDA on the latest version of Edge. I have posted the slide I am referring to here.  

When I answer the question incorrectly it works fine but when I answer correctly the screen reader starts reading from the bottom when I use the down button.  If I use the up button it reads it correctly. 

Are you able to let me know what I need to change so it reads from top to bottom on both layers?

Lauren Connelly

Hi Sasha!

Thank you for attaching your file! Unfortunately, what you're seeing is a bug where the focus stays on the submit button when answering correctly. This bug is causing users to move through the layer from the bottom to the top.

We are currently working on a fix, so I'll keep you updated when the fix is available! So sorry for the trouble!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Anirudh,

I just responded to a similar post here.

For anyone following along:

Learners use their screen reader navigation keys (e.g., Down and Up arrows) to move through all text and interactive objects on the slide, listening to each item along the way.

You can read more about how we optimized slide navigation to make it more familiar to screen reader users:

Slide Content Is More Accessible

Jen P

Hi Sasha, 

I notice this same behavior for wrong answers as well. Basically on any quiz slide, after pressing the submit button, the focus stays on the submit button, so when the feedback layer appears, the user would have to shift-tab (or go backwards) in order to read the content. Is this what you are noticing as well? Or is only the feedback layer for a correct answer affected?

Lauren Connelly

Hi Jen!

We just released this fix in Storyline 360 Update 44 (Build 3.44.23192.0), which was released last week! You're right; previously, you had to tab through the player to end up on the Feedback Layer. Luckily, that's not the case anymore! Here's what you should see.

If you're using update 44 and still seeing this issue, please let me know!

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