Accessibility Issues in the Interactive and Video Pages

May 11, 2021

Hi Team,

We are using Storyline 360 version 3.51.24979.0 and we are facing the following four accessibility issues (functionality-wise they are working fine).

Issue 1: In a Knowledge Check page, after clicking the Submit button we hide it. But when revisiting the page, in the JAWS tool, that space is getting focus (already Submit button was there) and reading its accessibility text. (Sample course is available for your reference)

Issue 2: On another interactive page, we have some Radio buttons to select Yes or No options. Whenever we select any of the Radio buttons, the JAWS tool is reading the whole page content again instead of reading that particular Radio button's accessibility content. (Sample course is available for your reference)

Issue 3: We have an Accordion Interaction (click and reveal). We placed two buttons vertically and their respective contents are available in a separate layer. When we click the second button, the JAWS tool is reading its respective text but it is focusing on the first button.

Issue 4: On the first page we have a video - on top of it a button is there to start the course. On this page, when pressing the tab button, the JAWS tool is reading video.mp4 button. We have verified all the elements and we could not anything like that.

Please let us know if there are any fixes or temporary workaround for these issues.

Thanks and regards,



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Lauren Connelly

Hello Venkatesh!

I'm happy to help! I've tested your project using JAWS 2020, and here are my findings:

  • I'm noticing the same with the focus rectangle staying on the submit button after it's pressed. This is something that occurs specifically with JAWS since the focus doesn't automatically move to another object. This behavior doesn't occur when using NVDA.
  • I'm also seeing the focus order starts from the top after the submit button is selected rather than returning to the radio buttons. Oddly enough, this behavior doesn't happen in NVDA. When using NVDA, the focus returns to the Yes and No text. I'll share this with my team to understand if this is an issue within Storyline or JAWS.
  • I haven't seen a similar issue with the focus staying on one object while reading another. Can you confirm if this same behavior happens when using NVDA as well?
  • Have you looked at adding alt text to the video so that it reads the correct name?

I appreciate you sharing these issues with us! I'm happy to share this with my team so we can keep track of these reports. 

Venkatesh Jaganathan

Hi Team,

Thanks for the update.

Our QA team confirms they are facing the same issue in the NVDA tool also, especially 'Issue 2:'. They feel it will be irritating the learners - whenever we select any of the Radio buttons, the accessibility tool is reading the whole page content again.

Regarding the Video issue, I will check with our QA team and share more details.

If you need any other inputs from our side, please let us know.


Venkatesh, Jaganathan