Accessibility of Matching Drag-and-Drop question

Apr 16, 2018

In the "Matching Drag-and-Drop" question type,
Is it possible to set alternate text (for screen reader) for each drag item and each drop item?
Since these items do not appear on the time line, I can't rename them from there.
When I right click on the interaction and select "Accessibility " from the menu, I can give alternate text to the whole interaction, but is there any way to do this for each item separately?

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Teresa Vanderpost

I am always shocked to see how many drag and drops are in elearnings out there, when we should be so conscious of accessibility.  I would love to use them, but I know it will come back and bite me later, so I keep holding out for the day articulate says they are accessible. 

Would love to know if articulate has a timeline on it, or if working on it.  If I am not mistaken Hotspots are not accessible either right?

Teresa Vanderpost

Thanks, I did realize you had a guide on your site that gave alternative ideas, I have bookmarked it now, this should be helpful.
Hopefully one day Drag and drop will also be accessible, I am sure your team can figure it out ☺

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Ruth Aboagye

It would really be nice to have drag and drop and hotspots be accessible.  The alternatives are good and appreciated but accessibility would be better.  Thanks.

I am relatively new to Storyline and was wondering if there are flashcards, memory games, fill in the blanks and Dialog cards.  If so, are they accessible?  Appreciate any insights you may have.  Thanks.

Katie Riggio

Welcome, Ruth. That's a great conversation to have!

We're committed to make building accessible courses way easier, and I'll make sure your thoughts are heard with the right team. You can learn more about our work in this area by clicking this link!

In the meantime, I gathered these related resources around designing accessible content. Lots of great insight and advice there!

I hope your new community can weigh in with any additional intel and designs! 

Sally Wiedenbeck

Hi Ruth,

If you are still looking for a way to do accessible drag and drops, I have written a how-to here:

For hotspots, the easiest work-around is to use transparent shapes instead. So instead of inserting a hotspot, you insert a normal shape where you want the "hotspot" to be be, and then go into the color properties to make the color 100% transparent (not no color/fill, but fill at 100% transparency). This makes the hotspot accessible to keyboard users. To make sure it is accessible to screen reader users, make sure that you go into the tab order and insert a logical alt text for the hotspot, so the user knows what they're selecting.


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