Accessibility Tab order and layers

Apr 16, 2020


We've been created courses with Storyline for  along time now, I think we have over 150 current courses in our LMS. We have now been asked to make sure all those courses are updated for Accessibility- this is where I'm having a big issue.

Most of the slides in those courses have layers, sometimes up to 5-6 layers per slide. But, looking at the Tab Order "option" in Storyline, it looks like we can't have a Tab Order separated per layers. Is there a reason why it's like that?  If I don'T find a solution, it would means that we will need to redo all our courses and split slides with layers in multiple slides- it will be a very long process...

I'm curious to know why can't we break down the Tab Order per layer? From my point of view, it doesn't seems like a complex issue to arrange. I'm a training/graphic designer, I know a little bit of programming, but this is not my specialty, so, maybe I'm missing something. 

Anyway, before coming back to my superiors and tell them that we need to redo all our courses, I want to know if there's any plan on Articulate side that will add an option to allow splitting the Tab Order per layers?  I think it's something that will help more than just my organisation. 


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Frederick,

Thanks for contacting us and sharing what you are currently working on and would like to accomplish.

All objects for the slide will appear in the Tab Order window, including objects from layers and slide masters. They are not treated separately since layers are used to display additional content on a slide.

You are welcome to share your idea with our team here.

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