Accessible course in storyline 360 with NVDA

Aug 06, 2020


Facing some issues in accessible course in storyline 360 (v3.42.22792.0) with NVDA.

1. NVDA speaking "button" after every text

2. Audio is not coming in quiz slides response (correct/incorrect)

3. Single choice option - Tab button is not working

For your reference sharing the .story file.

Please help.

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Sam Hill

Hi Jaipal Negi, the problem is that each of your text field has a "Selected" state and is therefore identified as a button by a screen reader. You need to remove the selected state, as it is not necessary.

The user should not be tabbing through text fields, they should only be tabbing to interactive elements (buttons, form controls etc). Text content is navigated using the arrow keys on the keyboard (and various other shortcuts) when using a screen reader (since Jan 2020 update) .

Since January this year, the published output from Storyline now behaves more inline with web standards, meaning that text content can now be read by screen readers without using a tab key to navigate to it. Screen readers now have finer control over the text content since Applications Mode has been removed.

With this being the case, your shortcut keys for navigating slides are conflicting with screen readers. The arrow keys are used to navigate text content. You will need to find a different key combination for slide navigation so that it doesn't conflict with the screen reader.

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