Accessible Drag and Drop Interactions

Feb 07, 2018

Hi all,
Wondering if its possible to create Drag and Drop interactions in Storyline 360 that can be navigated/completed using only a keyboard?
So far I can't seem to "select" items that I want to place in drop targets. 

Ideally I'd want to be able to hit spacebar or enter on a drag item, tab to the drop targets, and hit spacebar/enter to place it there, tab to next drag item.... and so on.

Is this possible? Are there other interactions I can use instead to make something like this keyboard accessible?

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Jennifer Stein

I'm thinking along the same lines experimenting with motion paths and variables that change when a "drag item" is selected. So far I've made it work for a very primitive "drag and drop" 3 drag items and three drop targets. I'm hoping that inspiration will come as I work to generalize this for an actual project.

Sally Wiedenbeck

I have figured out a way to create accessible drag and drop interactions, that mirror the function of the built-in interactions but with added keyboard accessibility. I have outlined how to do it here: