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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hello, Star and Deborah!

Thank you for reaching out! I'm looking forward to the examples the talented members of our community can share with you that meet WCAG guidelines!

In the meantime, please take a look at one of our past E-Learning Challenges called 15 Interactive Tips and Examples for Designing Accessible E-Learning. You can also see some of the courses created here

JoAnn Sausnock

Hello Maria, 

I am struggling terribly with accessibility and screen readers. I am creating courses and for every course I publish to a review link and/or even just preview mode, The screen reader no longer will read the text in the text boxes.  It reads all of the player elements, the notes, glossary, etc. but will not read anything within the slides. I have checked accessibility box in the player, and made sure that the items I am trying to have read are also accessible with content, and still nothing.  Even more odd is that in the focus order view, the left side is filled in with every single thing you can see/find on the slide but on the alt text side, some boxes are filled out and others are not even though I ensure the visibility box was checked. The text in that location is there but grayed out and when returning back to the focus order, as i mentioned, the content is not even there. I'm desperate lol!  I need guidance please!!!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi JoAnn,

Thank you for reaching out and sharing what you are struggling with.

I'm curious about how you are navigating the content since you only see the interactive objects. Are you using the Tab key or the Up/Down Arrow keys?

Learners use their screen reader navigation keys (e.g., Down and Up arrows) to move through all text and interactive objects on the slide, listening to each item along the way.

Storyline 360: Slide Content Is More Accessible