Acknowledgement checkbox


I need to set up a question slide where the user will select a choice and have it be the correct answer for an acknowledgment slide. (see my attached screenshots)

The reps will click each icon to open PDF documents they must read and I have visited states on each icon. The user can't click the submit button until both icons have a visited state and clicks the "I acknowledge" button.

That works great, however, they don't want two choices on the slide...only the first one. 

Initially, I had it set up as a True/False question so the true (I acknowledge) answer will return the quiz back as 100% passed because they need sales reps to have read the documents. That works.

However, since they won't want one choice, I tried to have only one choice by using a survey response and even though the answer is correct, it's coming back as did not pass.

I told them that their request really isn't possible because there needs to be an incorrect choice in order for the correct choice to report back to the LMS as passed, but maybe I'm wrong. Any tips?

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