Adapting eLearning Brothers Game

Nov 24, 2013

I really love the eLearning Brothers resources for creating interactions, etc. for my Storyline projects. I have a subscription to their template library.  I'm currently working on a developmental math course and downloaded their Explorer and Gridlock games. I was hoping to be able to change out the background graphic and then have learners traverse the "island" in the game-based module. However, I can't figure out how the interaction tracks the learner's location.

I put in a help ticket to eLB, but I'm working on the project over the weekend. I was hoping someone who has worked with either of these games could help me.

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David Anderson

Hi Gayla,

I'm guessing the background graphic is either on a locked layer or on the slide master. You can access your slide master by pressing F4 or by going to View > Slide Master. The background graphic might be on the top master slide or one of the slide layouts.

Here's some general info on using slide masters in Storyline:

Using Slide Masters

Using Themes

Additional info:

Using placeholders to ensure consistent image alignment

How to maintain consistent alignment of text and headings

Gayla Keesee

I understand how to change out the background graphic. It's the programming that tracks the learner's movement and location on that image that I can't figure out. I don't see any related variables and there's not a separate slide or anything with the different placements of the avatars as they answer the questions.

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