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Mae Church

I am new to Articulate storyline, so I apologize in advance if this is a simple item, but I am trying to follow along with the instructions of this EXCELLANT sample.  The slides are inserted in a template that I am unable to see how to modify.  The slides are set in a template where the menu is on the left and buttons to submit or next are at the bottom.  I am trying to see how to resize the slide area and change the buttons.  Would you be able to tell me how to modify this template?  Thank you

Anne-Laure Valenduc


This is very clear and helpful! However I wonder if there is any possibibility to create adaptive path among different scorms? (one chapter = one scorm) or all the parts of the adaptive path should exist within the same module (scorm)? That is because for some reason our platform can only host  smaller size files...

Does anyone publish in xAPI? Could it be somehow helpful in my situation?

Maybe someone here could help me. 

Thank you in advance.


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