Add a "journal" feature in SL 360

I am just starting out as a beginner with E-Learning.I have a high school curriculum that utilizes a journal as part of the writing process. I like the simplicity and blog-like flow of the blocks in Rise and would like to stay in Rise primarily. But I wonder if I could use SL to provide a place for this journal. It would have to be accessible throughout the course (perhaps as an ever present button) to encourage students to develop and revise previous journal entries. The journal itself probably would need to be organized by date. Can anyone help me?

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Walt Hamilton

Not to seem mean, but you have fallen in love with a shovel, and now want to use it to slice  your bread. It is possible it could work, but who would be happy with the results? For writing a journal, you really need something that is designed for word processing. Think Google docs, or some sort of blog software, and you'll get a better result.