Add comments in the "//This is a comment" style to triggers?

Hello all!

Ive been making an e-learning with a lot of variables, and a lot of conditions, and now this far into the production, Im getting a bit confused about what a trigger that I may have built earlier is for.

Also, I think that if i ever had to make changes to this e-learning in the future, it would take me a LOT of work to recall/figure out which trigger was for what...

Is there any way we can add comments to triggers easily so we know why we put them there?



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Badgery McBadgerface
Walt Hamilton

If you have to have your comment among a certain group of triggers:

Adjust variable Comment assign = "This is a comment" when timeline starts object = *

* - choose object among whose triggers you want the comment.

You can even make it "//This is a comment" if necessary :)

well, yes. you *could* do that. But the idea of actually causing code to execute at runtime unnecessarily is somewhat abhorrent.

*if* you were prepared to do such a thing (although it's poor practice), then you'd be better off putting fake JS triggers onto place and commenting within the JS about your other triggers (or doing some logging). This would still a bonkers way of doing anything though...

Ideally it would be good to see

1. allowing "grouping" of triggers into (multiple) user-definable categories so that we can track what the blazes each set of triggers are for. this is different to what objects a trigger may be associated with.  These categories would need to be available across an entire story, not just within scenes or slides.

2. comments enterable for each individual trigger

3. comments enterable for each trigger category