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Mar 13, 2013


I’m trying to get my head around setting up conditions for branching.

Just for example, something like setting a trigger to assess:

IF numvar1=1 AND numvar2≥1 AND boolvar1=True THEN GOTO scene2 ELSE GOTO scene3

I'm trying to work out how to set-up complex conditions using IF / OR / ELSE / ≥ / ≤ / etc

When I look in the Trigger Wizard, I see I can ‘Show Conditions’ and ‘Add Trigger Condition’, but if I select ‘Add Trigger Condition’, the dialog box does not seem to have any links to context level help.

What I’m after are some solid examples of different usage methods and a full description of the functionality surrounding the ‘Add Trigger Condition’ dialog box.

Thanks… and apologies if I’ve missed the obvious and am asking a silly question!

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Karl Gunter

I've checked out the online tutorials as well as books Storyline for Starters (Still, Mayor & Flowers) and Elearning Uncovered (Elkins & Pinder) but they do not really go into the depth I was hoping for...

Has anyone any idea where to find resources that go more in depth into the use of variables, triggers & states?


Karl Gunter

I hadn't seen that one Gerry - thank you.

Looking at that thread, it is a similar kind of question (i.e. about how to set up logic).

Russ Still said on that thread: "A S, that is done with a single trigger that has four separate conditions, one of a, b, c, and d. No "else" involved." 

Don't suppose you've seen a .story file that examples that have you?

I'm coming at this with hazy memories of the old Authorware flow line and how the logic of that worked.

All the stuff I've looked at on the other functionality looks great - the online tutorials are fine for a quick idea, but I was hoping to kick start my understanding with some good branching and navigational examples to try out or deconstruct and to read through some context level help for the add trigger condition dialog.

Like the OP on the thread you linked, I was wondering how to set up multi level conditions along the lines of IF / THEN / ELSE (and kind of hoping there might be 'condition snippets' for that scenario already in the menu) - I don't see them, so was looking for guidance on how to set it up.

Karl Gunter

Thanks Phil.

Do you know if there is anything looking in detail at conditions and variables (associated with Trigger Wizard / Add Trigger Condition dialog boxes)?

My head is a bit of jumble on this at the moment!

Kind of scenario I was thinking of was along the lines of the ELSE acting as a sort of catchall...

Trigger 1: IF numvar1=1 AND numvar2=1 AND boolvar1=True THEN GOTO scene2

Trigger 2: IF numvar1=2 AND numvar2≥1 AND boolvar1=True THEN GOTO scene3

Trigger 3: IF trigger1var=false AND trig2var=false GOTO scene4 (a catchall to move people when they fail to meet other defined conditions).

.... if you get my drift (which I'm not sure I do!) - apologies if this is coming across as gobbledygook.

In the trigger wizard, it is the 'When' that is puzzling me - under Other Events there is an option for When variable changes but the only option in the Variable dropdown list is unassigned. What if I want an action to occur based on a particular value of a variable?

I'll have a play around and see how things come out.

Thank you for your help.

Phil Mayor

Hi Karl

Tom has a good way of dealing with this and he has a mantra that he keeps repeating,

"What do i want to do, when do i want to do it?

The IF bit is the condition or conditions, do this IF the condition is:

ELSE is the second trigger


Jump to Scene two when user clicks the Next button if Variable 1 is equal to AND (this is set by adding extra conditions Variable 2 is equal to

Hope this makes more sense, most triggers where you  use variables will be using them in conditions not when variable changes trigger

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