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Apr 25, 2016


is it possible to add zoom on states in S2?

In my course you are supposed to click on a button in order to get more info (I put the info texts on different states), and when that info shows up I want to zoom in for the viewer to get a closer look. And then zoom out.


It seems S2 doesn't allow adding zoom on states. Or am I wrong?

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Richard Hill

As I interpret it , you are correct. No Zoom Region on states.   But you CAN zoom if you use an "entrance animation > Grow" on a duplicate object nested within your hover state.

Here's how it works:

1. Edit State and put a hover state on your object.

2. Make the hover object image transparent full so that it's invisible.( you will need this for mouse over)

3.  Now create what you want to zoom out on the stage on top of your  first object(lock it), and scale and position the new stuff to how you want it to look Big and zoomed in. 

4. If there are many objects, group them together, and then select the animation tab  "entrance animation > Grow"  then Cut or copy it.

5. Edit the state of your original object(unlock it) and paste your zoomed stuff in the hover state. It should paste exactly where it was when you copied it, ready to go.

Hope this helps.

Richard Hill

Here, try this.  There are a couple of ways to do what you seek, but if you want to control zoom specifically with states you will have to use this method.  

Look at the text box of the following file, and you will see that I pasted a copy of the exact same text box into the second state.  This text box is a copy of the original that I scaled and placed grow and shrink animations on BEFORE I cut and pasted it into the original text box's  "paste copy here" state.

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