Adding an extra mark if all questions are correct?

Jan 24, 2017


I have a bank of multiple choice questions. I have grouped the questions into threes by locking the slides together. I have a slide that "draws" these groups randomly from a bank of many.

This is working great.

However, I want to award an extra +1 mark if the user correctly answers all the questions within each group of three.


For example:

Questions 1A - Answered Correctly - 1 mark

Question 1B - Answered Correctly - 1 mark

Question 1C - Answered Correctly - 1 mark

+ 1 mark awarded for all answers correct

Total: 4 marks


Question 2A - Answered Correctly - 1 mark

Question 2B - Answered Incorrectly - 0 marks

Question 2C - Answered Correctly - 1 mark

Total: 2 marks



Is this possible?

Thank you for your help.

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Dave Cox

Hi Alex,

Add an extra question slide, and answer the question with logic using the triggers. A true/false slide would work for this. If you condition is met, answer true (Which would be the correct answer) and add the point. If false, answer false. Immediately move to another slide, and don't allow the users to see this "logic slide."

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