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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Carol and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for contacting us to share what you would like to do with your screen recordings.

What is the best way to add arrows or circles at specific points in a video?

We have a great tutorial that explains the built-in options when inserting your screen recordings into your project:

Inserting Screen Recordings

Since you mentioned video, I assume you want to add items to your slide as the video is playing. Nicole created a great article that can help get you started with this: 

How to Add Interactive Pop-Ups to Your Videos

Can you tell me how to access the magnifying glass?

I'm curious if you're asking about Zoom Regions? If so, you can certainly do this from the Insert tab as well:

Adding Zoom Regions

If I've misunderstood, perhaps you could share a screenshot of what magnifying glass you would like to access :)