Adding Custom Color Scheme to Slide Master

Jan 08, 2020

The course I am working on already has a color scheme in the slide master.  However, I need to change the color scheme to be more on brand.  I created the color scheme and tried to "apply it to Slide Master" but none of the colors changed.  How do I update the color scheme in the currently existing slide master?

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John Morris

This is how I make and apply color themes.

  • Open the file for which you would like to change the theme for (not the template or the master)
  • Click Design>Colors>Create New Theme Color
  • Use the dropdowns to adjust your colors to meet your brand requirements
  • Type a Name in the Name field
  • Click Save

The color theme will now be applied to the current project and there will be a custom color theme when you open Design>Colors for this project and for future projects.

I hope this helps.

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