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Feb 28, 2014

Hi All,

I want to add a javascript trigger using Uservoice so that I can let folks add feedback to individual slides. I try to copy and paste the below into the excecute javascript command (with my info) and nothing works.

Any insights?  I'm a javascript newbie so I may have this completely wrong.

Thank you in advance,


// Include the UserVoice JavaScript SDK (only needed once on a page)
UserVoice=window.UserVoice||[];(function(){var uv=document.createElement('script');uv.type='text/javascript';uv.async=true;uv.src='//';var s=document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];s.parentNode.insertBefore(uv,s)})();

// UserVoice Javascript SDK developer documentation:

// Set colors
UserVoice.push(['set', {
 accent_color: '#6aba2e',
 trigger_color: 'white',
 trigger_background_color: '#6aba2e'

// Identify the user and pass traits
// To enable, replace sample data with actual user traits and uncomment the line
UserVoice.push(['identify', {
 //email:      '', // User’s email address
 //name:       'John Doe', // User’s real name
 //created_at: 1364406966, // Unix timestamp for the date the user signed up
 //id:         123, // Optional: Unique id of the user (if set, this should not change)
 //type:       'Owner', // Optional: segment your users by type
 //account: {
 //  id:           123, // Optional: associate multiple users with a single account
 //  name:         'Acme, Co.', // Account name
 //  created_at:   1364406966, // Unix timestamp for the date the account was created
 //  monthly_rate: 9.99, // Decimal; monthly rate of the account
 //  ltv:          1495.00, // Decimal; lifetime value of the account
 //  plan:         'Enhanced' // Plan name for the account

// Add default trigger to the bottom-right corner of the window:
UserVoice.push(['addTrigger', { mode: 'contact', trigger_position: 'bottom-right' }]);

// Or, use your own custom trigger:
//UserVoice.push(['addTrigger', '#id', { mode: 'contact' }]);

// Autoprompt for Satisfaction and SmartVote (only displayed under certain conditions)
UserVoice.push(['autoprompt', {}]);

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Leon Geschwind

Yes, I have tested it online, to no avail.

I have it set for the javascript to run for both when the slide starts and when you click the feedback button.

I'm also attaching the .story file here.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

If this doesn't work... I'm looking for a mechanism of adding feedback to an individual slide... uservoice lets the user add feedback, provide a screenshot, and give their email address so you can get back to their issue. I figure this would be great for usability testing.

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