Adding Mouse Movements or Highlights to Screen Capture Videos

Aug 10, 2017


I am trying to hone my skills on recording screens within Articulate Story Line 360.  Sometimes, it is not immediately obvious where my mouse is going, or what it is pointing to.  Is there any easy way to create a dragging mouse, or to add highlighting to what the pointer is pointing to?

I read a little and cannot find a "mouse object" to modify.

Also, volume is a big issue.  There is a distinct difference in quality from when one is recording an audio file through the inset module directly in Articulate, and when one is inserting video capture with sound included.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Wilhelm,

Did you know that Storyline 360 has a mouse cursor feature? You can add clicking sounds and visual effects to make it easy for your learners to see what the mouse is pointing to. 

Also, the video editor has a volume feature. Try using the slider to increase the volume percentage. Let me know if that makes a difference!

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