adding multiple feedback pages using triggers

Hi, to start with, I was reading this post.

"I was wondering if there is a way to have learners complete an essay-style question, submit the essay, and then compare their answer with an annotated, model answer on the same slide? I’ve been playing around with slide layers to try and make this happen, but whenever I click on the ‘submit’ button it moves on to the next slide, instead of showing the layer with the annotated feedback."

you answered with this,

"You could certainly do something like this :) You'd want to use triggers to show the layer when the learner clicks on "Submit".

From there, you can use variables to display the learner's response and your model answer.

Now, you may already have something like this set up, but without a little more detail, I'm not sure. If you have triggers already assigned to the "Submit" button, you'll want to make sure that the trigger you want to fire first is on top. If you still have the trigger tied to jump to the next slide, in addition to a layer trigger, you'll want to either add a condition or instead, have a custom button trigger from the feedback layer."

my next question is

is there a way of doing this and 'randomizing' the layers on the trigger?

as in, if I had 10 model answers could I randomise 5 triggered layers with 2 answers each?

so the model answers appear to be constantly changing or are constantly being updated on every attempt?


I hope this makes sense :)



Paul O

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Jacob  Selin

This is just a small idea but perhaps you can do it via javascript and some triggers. 

1) On timeline start you set a trigger to start a javascript. 
The javascript is a randomizer that set a variable to a value between 1-5 
var randomnumber = Math.floor((Math.random()*5)+1);
var player = GetPlayer();

2) The script sets a number between 1-5 into Variable1 
3) When the user clicks submit you open layer equal to the variable above. 
Actually you need 5 triggers sayin that  "open layer 1 on click IF variable equal to _ " 

How to set up the layer trigger

Btw, i have suggested Articulate to implement a Randomizer in next update. 


Paul O

Hi Jacob and thanks again for your time!

I dont suppose you know of an easy way of (a user) uploading a file into a scorm package? This all does tie in with what I originally asked by the way.

The company I work for would like for a student to answer a question, then be able to see other peoples answers (hence the upload from user bit mentioned earlier)

The original idea was to have 10-20 model answers in a rotation so it appeared as though other random answers were available.

However we really would like to have actual students answers and feedback.

Again, I hope this makes sense, and any help will be truly appreciated.

Paul O