adding values from 'How Many' interactions across slides

Jun 07, 2013

Hi!  I started writing a new question and it just disappeared - how odd.   So, I'll ask again....

I've had good luck with sending my quandaries out to the community for support so I'm sending my latest out again.  I have included a self-assessment in my course that is simply a 4 element rubric broken apart with one element and descriptors of 4 levels of achievement per slide.  Rather than try to adapt the Likert scale, I just used a How Many interaction.    What I want to know is how I can take the values from the four preceding slides and have the sum total appear on the fifth slide.  My hunch is that it isn't that hard but I've no idea where to start. 

Thanks to all those willing to help!

Dorothy Baker

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Dorothy Baker

This is what I have been trying to do.  I tried the Pick many option and then assigned the values 1, 2, 3, or 4 to a choice variable for each slide.  I want the choices to all be correct but have different values.  I then want to have the values of the four slides to be added together for the result slide.  I'd rather not have it be presented in percentage but can live with it if there's no other option.  The last slide was what I was kind of hoping to represented in the result slide - or at least something similar.  If separate layers are needed for each of the score ranges, that's okay.  I'm an educator by training and using rubrics are second nature to me so I hope I can find a way to create a rubric in Storyline.  The Likert scale doesn't work because I can't get rid of the strongly agree, agree disagree (etc. captions.  Any assistance would be welcome and really, really appreciated.  My entire course is ready to go up except for this.

Michael Hinze

Hi Dorothy, I had a look at your file. I wonder if you wouldn't have been better off using something other than Pick Many interactions because all choices within each question are set to correct anyway. But since you are done with your project, it's probably too late to redevelop this.

Give attached file a try and see if that works for you. At first I had updated the logic for the Results slide with custom variables for totalscore, percentage, etc. but then realized that you wanted to use the last slide instead. On the last slide, instead of using layers to provide feedback, I added custom states to the text box and have them show, depending on the totalscore. Anyway, I'm not sure if that's what you were after, but give it a try.

Dorothy Baker

It worked, it worked!  You can't see my happy dance but I did one when it worked.  Thank you so much!

Because it's a self-assessment rubric, I wanted all choices to be correct - it's a rating that the learner is giving themselves based on criteria so there is no wrong - just different levels of achievement.  And pick many was the easiest way that I could see of getting where I wanted.  I would absolutely love it if Articulate included rubrics in their quizzing templates since that is a very accepted assessment strategy.

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