Adjust Storyline Slide Size

Oct 07, 2020

We have an existing Storyline file that we'd like to add a custom sidebar to. Is there a way to add space on the side of the slide without disturbing the content already in place? 

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Sam Hill

Hi Allison, probably the best way to do that would be to have the sidebar open and collapse over the top of the existing content, using a Slide Layer in a template. I understand this might not work for all scenarios, but if it is an addition, it is probably the easiest way without disturbing the existing content.

The other way would be to increase the Story size. Firstly make a back-up of your SLUsing the Story size setup. De-select Lock aspect ratio, and then add the extra width required for the custom sidebar. Select Fill background and Top right. You will have to check over your SL file afterwards to make sure it hasn't made any layouts funky.

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