Adjust timing for animated bullet points

Jan 09, 2013

Hi all,

I have some text listed as bullet points and I want to have each bullet come in at a specific time, but I can't seem to figure out how to accomplish this. I know we can adjust the timing of the animations in terms of speed, but that's not quite what I am going for. 

Is it possible or will I need to include separate text boxes?



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Daniel Brigham


Sounds like you are using Storyline. You don't need separate text boxes.

1.Go to your timeline. To the left of your main text box(the one with all the bullets) you will see a small drop-down arrow. Click on it and it will separate your bullet points so you can have them come in when you want.

2. On your animation, make sure you have "one at at time" selected.

Hope that's what you were referring to. --Daniel

Daniel Brigham

Yes, select the object, apply animation you want from the ribbon, and drag
to where you want the animation to happen on the timeline.

Another way to align if you are wanting to align animations to voiceover:
You can also align them to cue points on the timeline. Use keyboard
shortcut control + C to create the cue point on the timeline, and then
right click on the object to align it to the cue point.

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